My interpretation of subjects, images, and meanings change; that’s what’s great about abstract. Best you say what they mean.

Very Close

Oil on canvas, 2007, 36 x 36”

Bold strokes. Buttery texture. Not so subtle blending. Holding the world in a vast and uncertain universe. It’s about caring, connection, and observation.


Parental Guidance

Oil on canvas, 2013, 30 x 30”

Strong, sharp playful marks. Working with, and scratching out, the delicate nature of generational family communications. You know, family life…right!?


Mouth Kiss

Oil on canvas, 2012, 36 x 36”

Rough edges, uncertain, bold moves. Raw. Should I make a move? Can’t hold back. Some might say crude and sloppy, but they don’t know what love is (not like we do, right!?).


We’re Buddies, Right!?

Oil on Canvas, 2013 30 x 30”

Bold bright colors, soft but contrasting edges. Close and dynamic personal interaction. Maybe wrestling the way kids …or lovers do.


Family Time

Oil on Canvas, 2012 30 x 30”

Soft, subtle comfort. Evening in the woods glow. Maybe a childhood family camping trip; the time when you’re all in the tent snuggled-up telling ghost stories and bonding.



Oil on Canvas, 2012 30 x 30”

Soft, smooth, rubbed in marks, About tender personal contact.


Eleven Eleven

Mixed media on raw canvas, 2008, 48 x 48”

A lot of action. Time of great change and chaos. Big bold stuff. Is that the Flux Capacitor from the movie Back to the Future in action?! Maybe it is. Is there a seagull flying from a cavern to the light? Why, yes it is.


Next Piece

Oil on canvas, 2007, 30 x 40”

Ethereal forms and texture. Dreamlike bordering on surreal. An earlier piece that was moving in a direction I wanted to go with my work. Was an important Next Piece in my painting journey.


Madonna and Child

oil on canvas, 2012, 30 x 30”

Classic theme; mother and child.



Oil on canvas, 2017, 30 x 30”

Painted for a best friend whom asked me to officiate his wedding. About self and other. Action and calm. Togetherness and aloneness.



Oil and pencil on canvas, 2010,

Wow! What a time. Was I krazy? Wait, don’t answer that; it might be a trick question. I thought I would gift it to a scary gifted intuitive…still deciding on that.

Still thinking about availability


Oil on canvas, 2006,

Was called windows to Alisa. It’s just called windows now.


Two Hearts Resurection

Oil on canvas, 2009,

Sometimes I am be pretty naive. Joni Mitchell calls her songs, “portraits of disappointment.” Pretty enticing sales-copy here, huh?! Actually I got great value out of this piece…and still believe in love.


Significant Oiece

Oil on canvas, 2007, 24 x 38”

Breakthrough. Birds, connection. Cradle, germination, growth, bloom. Really pleased with this.

Private collection of leading spiritual teacher

Birdy Too

Oil on panel, 2007,

Hawkeye. Texture. Motion. Fire-walk.



Oil on Panel, 2006

Not quite surreal. Boat on on the water carrying precious cargo. Moonscape.


Battle Weary

Mixed media on raw canvas, 2008, about 2 1/2 x 6′ as hung

See extended description here.

Private collection of Prince’s former personal stylist